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The 1000hp Sunbeam Album

A significant addition to the Collection is a photograph album by American photographer Richard H. LeSesne which depicts Major Henry Segrave breaking the World Land Speed Record on 29 March 1927 in the unique1000hp Sunbeam car. Segrave was the first man to officially exceed 200mph/321.87kph, a feat he achieved at Daytona Beach, Florida watched by a vast crowd. The album documents this achievement and also the immense public enthusiasm. The album complements a later LeSesne photographic account of Segrave setting a further World Land Speed Record, which is already held in the Photographic Collection. On this second occasion he reached 231.362mph/372.341kph on 11 March 1929, whilst driving Golden Arrow.

The National Motor Museum Trust is grateful to H&H Auctions who kindly assisted with this purchase, enabling the album to be saved for the nation. Both record-breaking vehicles can be seen in the National Motor Museum along with other famous World Land Speed Record cars.


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