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New addition to the Vehicle Collection 

1948 Riley RMB

1948 Riley RMB

The National Motor Museum Trust has recently acquired a 1948 Riley 2.5 Litre RMB following a generous donation by Mr J Welch.

The Riley RM series of cars, which includes saloons, a convertible and a drophead coupe, are known for their attractive styling and twin-camshaft engines. The Riley RMA and RMB saloons were both unveiled in 1946, and while the RMA was fitted with a 1.5-litre engine, the RMB boasted a more powerful 2.5-litre engine.

The vehicle donated to the National Motor Museum Trust is a unique example. Exported to Switzerland when new, it received a number of body modifications by specialist coachbuilder Reinboldt & Christé AG of Basle, the only Riley saloon to be modified by them in this way. In 1955 it was shipped to New Zealand and sold to Mr Pat Welch. Mr Welch and his son James competed with the car successfully in numerous hill climbs and races until 1960. It was sold in 1970 but subsequently bought back by Mr Welch in 1985 and rebuilt to the condition you see today.

The Riley RMB is a permanent addition to the Vehicle Collection and can be seen on display in the National Motor Museum.


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