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The Perfect Power Pair

Jean D'Ylen (pseudonym of Jean Beguin, 1886 - 1938) was born in Paris and studied at the École Bernard Palissy, the École d'Application des Beaux-Arts a l'Industrie, and the École des Beaux-Arts. He began working as a jewellery designer, but after World War I concentrated on advertising. He worked for the advertising agency Vercasson from 1920 and had various European clients. He was well known in France in the 1920s, regarded by the journal La Publicité as 'the master of the modern poster'. He used imagery related to that of Surrealism; one of his most famous posters was for Spa-Monopole in 1924, with a clown vaulting over a bottle with water fizzing out of the top. From 1928 Wiener and Co. printed his designs in England and he began to design posters for Shell, BP and Esso. From the mid-1930s he published his work independently in France and took part in the Paris International Exhibition in 1937.
ArtistJean D'Ylen
Catalogue number138
SeriesQuick Starting Pair


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