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Explore - The National Motor Museum Trust

Support Us 

Your support is vital to our continued work. There are a number of exciting ways you can become involved.

The BRM Preservation Appeal

The BRM Preservation Appeal total currently stands at £49,632.68, just short of the £50,000 target. We are looking for your support to help us get over the line!

The National Motor Museum Trust is looking to raise funds to preserve our iconic 1950 BRM V16 1.5 litre Type 15.

An important part of the Trust's work is to preserve historically significant vehicles in running condition and the BRM is one such example. This car played an important role in revitalising British motorsport post-war and was raced by Juan Manuel Fangio and Reg Parnell.

Keeping the BRM in fully-functioning condition doesn’t just ensure that the unique sound of its astonishing V16 engine isn’t lost forever, but also keeps alive an important link to Britain’s motorsport history. With over 2,000 moving parts to this complex and ground-breaking machine, keeping it in good order and as close to original as possible is very time-consuming, and requires specialist skills and significant investment, which the Trust relies upon donations to fund.

How to Find Us 

Situated in the south of England, in the New Forest between Bournemouth and Southampton, with easy access from London and the Home Counties.

By Road- M27 exit junction2, follow the brown and white tourist signs towards Beaulieu. Sat nav postcode is SO42 7ZN, however please follow brown signage when in vicinity. For more detailed directions please visit multimap




Motoring Reseach and Enquiries 

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National Motor Museum Trust



SO42 7ZN

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The National Motor Museum Trust 

National Motor Museum Trust 

National Motor Museum Trust Beaulieu Brockenhurst SO42 7ZN

Motoring Collections 

Tel: 01590 614650 Fax: 01590 612655 Email:

Motoring Film and Video 

Tel: 01590 614664 Fax: 01590 612655 Email:

Motoring Picture Library 

Tel: 01590 614656 Fax: 01590 612655 Email:

Shell Art Collection 

Tel: 01590 614697 Fax: 01590 612655 Email:

Caravan Club Collection 

Tel: 01590 614762 Fax: 01590 612655 Email:

Support the National Motor Museum Trust 

How you or your company can get involved

The National Motor Museum Trust welcomes support both from individuals and commercial organisations.

As an individual you can become a member of our Friends organisation and enjoy the benefits this brings.

Perhaps you have some free time to pursue your interests and would like to come and work with us as a volunteer. Staff working with all our Collections are always glad of some extra help. We already have several volunteers working with us, but many more opportunities remain. Training is provided and volunteers enjoy many benefits, including free membership of our Friends organisation. A flexible approach ensures we can benefit from your help, whether you can manage just a few hours or a couple of days per week or per month.

Maybe you have some motoring memorabilia or a vehicle that you would like to donate or loan, or perhaps you would like to make a bequest to The National Motor Museum Trust.

Many commercial organisations become business partners of the Trust. They help us with financial support and also by donating products which help maintain the Collections. Business partners enjoy a range of benefits, depending upon the level of support they give.

The National Motor Museum Trust is an educational charity and welcomes support from individuals and organisations. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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