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Elstar Jap Grasstrack

Grasstrack became an organised discipline when the Auto Cycle Union in Britain banned racing on public roads in 1925. Motorcycle racers turned to privately owned fields and in 1927 the Whitgift Club held the first recognised grasstrack meeting on an old golf course near Croydon. Outwardly similar to Speedway machines, grasstrack bikes have two-speed gearboxes and different engine capacity limits for each class. The JAP unit, manufactured by J.A. Prestwich Industries Ltd of Tottenham, London, was ubiquitous and very successful in this type of machine.

Elstar was run by Alf Ellis and made its name building speedway, grasstrack and later trials frames. Just as the trials versions were becoming popular, Ellis was killed in a car crash and the project ended.

Output32hp @ 6,500rpm
Maximum speedNot recorded
Price newNot marketed


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