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We are currently embarking upon a comprehensive redevelopment of the National Motor Museum which means at certain times the vehicles on display may be changing on a daily basis. If there is a particular vehicle that you wish to view please contact us on 01590 614541 in advance of your visit to check that it is on display. You can also sponsor any vehicle in the Museum owned by the National Motor Museum Trust.

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Ford Model T Van

On Display

The Model T Ford car brought motoring within the range of millions of people throughout the world. Mass production on a moving assembly line and lack of frills was the reason for the low price.

On this model, starter and lights were £15 extra. The Model T Ford Van had a great effect on local deliveries, the low price persuading many traders to change from horse drawn transport.

CountryAmerican / British
Maximum speed40mph/64.37kph
Price new£110
ManufacturerFord Motor Co. Ltd


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