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Frazer Nash Colmore

On Display

Prior to World War II, the International Alpine Trial was recognised as the most strenuous reliability trial in the world. Yet in 1932, a sister Frazer Nash to this example competed and won the highest possible award, the Coupe des Glaciers. Later that year, the same car averaged 85.43mph/137.49kph for an hour at the Brooklands MCC High Speed Trials.

The Frazer Nash was an unconventional car made in tiny quantities. In 33 years of production, just over 400 were made yet the make had an almost fanatical following all over the world. The Vintage Sports Car Club has a section devoted entirely to the chain-drive pre-war Frazer Nash.

CylindersIn-line 4
OutputNot recorded
Maximum speedNot known
Price newNot given
ManufacturerFrazer Nash Cars


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