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Grégoire 12CV

On Display

The remains of this Grégoire are displayed in ‘as found’ condition. It was rescued from an orchard in Gloucestershire where it had lain abandoned for thirty years. Nothing is known of its history before that time. It is displayed to show the condition in which potential restoration projects are sometimes found.

Grégoire was established by JP Grégoire in 1903, after he left the partnership of Soncin, Grégoire et Cie. Car production started in 1904 with a range of single, twin and four cylinder models. The company was absorbed by Forges et Ateliers de la Fournaise after the First World War and a new Grégoire model appeared in 1920. The last Grégoire was a 1,098cc light car which was built until 1923 and sold as the Little Greg in Britain.

Cylinders2 cylinder
Valvesside valve
Price new£165
ManufacturerGrégoire et Cie
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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