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Grenville Steam Carriage

On Display

The Grenville steam carriage is believed to be the oldest self-propelled passenger-carrying road vehicle still in working order. It was designed about 1875 by Robert Grenville with some assistance from his friend, George Churchward – later Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Great Western Railway. It is thought that the carriage took around fifteen years to complete. The vertical boiler, a type used on steam fire engines, is understood to have originally been supplied by Shand Mason & Co., a well-known fire engine builder. It consumed about five gallons of water and 6 lbs of coal per mile. The driver had control of the throttle and cut-off levers, a foot-operated whistle and the brake pedal. On the driver's left and in charge of the tiller sat the steersman. Behind, there was seating for four passengers. The fireman had a small seat in the engine compartment and was responsible for firing the boiler and maintaining its water level. On the flat, the carriage could attain a speed of just under 20mph/32.19kph.

OutputNot recorded
Maximum speed20mph/32.19kph
Price newna
ManufacturerRobert Neville Grenville


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