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Harrods Electric Van

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Harrods’ fleet of electric delivery vehicles were once a familiar sight on the streets of London. The famous department store started using American-built Walker electric vans in 1919. During the 1930s Harrods renewed the fleet, undertaking the design and construction in its own workshops. Work started in 1933 and a prototype van was running by 1935. A total of sixty vans were built up to 1939. The 1 ton vans were powered by under-floor mounted batteries giving a range of sixty miles per charge. This van remained in service until 1970 when it was presented to the Museum.

Battery powered electric vehicles have been in use since the very earliest days of motoring. Being silent and pollution free they are ideally suited to use as delivery vehicles in urban areas, where short distances mean their lack of battery range is less of a problem.

CapacityNot applicable
CylindersNot applicable
ValvesNot applicable
OutputNot applicable
Price newNot marketed
ManufacturerHarrods Ltd
OwnerMontagu Collection


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