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Humber 8hp

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The 8hp model was an attempt by Humber to produce a low cost car and lacked many of the more luxurious features of other Edwardian cars. However, it did share many mechanical features with larger Humbers. The clockwise running engine is cranked anti-clockwise to start, an idea introduced to protect the chauffeur’s arm when using the starting handle. This car starred in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the car driven by Truly Scrumptious.

Humber was one of Britain’s earliest motor manufacturers and, like many others, had its origins in the bicycle industry. The company started in motor manufacture in Coventry during 1896, building French Léon Bollée three wheelers under licence. By 1900 Humber were building motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles. Their first production car appeared in 1901.

Maximum speed40mph/64.37kph
Price new£195
ManufacturerHumber Ltd


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