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Jaguar XK 150 3.8 Litre

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The XK 150 was the first series-production car to employ four-wheel disc brakes as standard. Developed from the XK 120 and XK 140, it was heavier but offered greater comfort and interior space. A distinctly modernising feature was the wrap-round windscreen of toughened glass. This replaced the more basic divided screen of previous models.

Introduced in 1957 with a 3.4 litre engine, a faster 3.8 litre version was available from 1959. By the late 1950s the design was considered out of date. For a performance car, however, it still represented good value for money. By comparison, the Ferrari 250 GT cost £6,326 in 1960.

CylindersIn-line 6
Output220bhp @ 5,500rpm
Maximum speed125mph/201.17kph
Price new£2,035
ManufacturerJaguar Cars Ltd


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