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Jensen Interceptor

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The Jensen Interceptor dates back to 1965 and was aimed as a distinctive alternative to the contemporary Aston Martins and Jaguars. A unique Alfredo Vignale-designed look, effortless performance from its Chrysler V8 unit, and comfortable ride, easily secured its place in the market and by 1970 the car was selling well.

Success, however, was short-lived. Austin-Healey terminated its contract that subsidized the Interceptor's construction and the first oil crisis sounded the car's death knell. Suddenly no one wanted a 7.2 litre sports car with 14mpg fuel consumption. Jensen Motors closed in 1975, but this was not quite the end of the story. The Interceptor returned to very limited production between 1983–92.

Output330hp @ 4,600rpm
Maximum speed137mph/220.48kph
Price new£5,290
ManufacturerJensen Motors Ltd


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