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Land Rover R.04

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The prototype Land Rover was constructed using donor Jeep and Rover parts.

A batch of 48 vehicles was then built for testing purposes and experimental exercises in body design. Most were painted Sage green, previously used in World War II aeroplane cockpits. Bumpers on the earliest examples were integrated as part of the chassis, in contrast to the bolt-on style that was later adopted.

This car was restored by enthusiast Tony Hutchings of Petersfield, and is one of the oldest surviving Land Rovers in the world. It is numbered R.04, R for right hand drive, and 04 because it was the fourth pre-production model built.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output50hp @ 4,000rpm
Maximum speed58mph/93.34kph
Price new£540 (production models)
ManufacturerThe Rover Co. Ltd


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