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Morris Cowley Bullnose

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The Bullnose Morris Cowley, and its more expensive, better equipped stablemate the Oxford, were among the most popular cars of the 1920s. Morris cars were originally built from bought in components. As production grew through the 1920s these outside suppliers were gradually absorbed by Morris. Annual sales grew rapidly, from 6937 cars in 1922 to 32,939 by the time this car was built in 1924. A year later Morris accounted for 41% of new cars in Britain.

Like many others, William Morris started as a cycle manufacturer in the 1890s, moving on to motorcycles in 1902. Morris Motors grew out of his thriving Oxford garage business. The first Morris motor car, the Oxford, appeared in 1913. The distinctive rounded bullnose radiator remained a feature of Morris cars until 1926, by which time the company was a motor industry giant.

Cylinders4 cylinder
ValvesSide valve
Output27bhp at 3,400rpm
Performance50mph, 0-40mph 30 seconds
Price new£225
ManufacturerMorris Motors Ltd
OwnerMontagu Collection


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