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Morris Minor SV 2 Seater

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Sir William Morris and Sir Herbert Austin were great rivals. Competition intensified in 1926, when Morris acquired Wolseley.

The Morris Minor entered the small car market in September 1928. Though a far cry from the post-war version, the Minor boasted an overhead camshaft engine and four-wheel brakes. For the magical price of £100, the two-seater model with side-valve engine was available by 1931. No bumpers or brightwork, and a three lamp lighting set, this economy car sold well during the Depression.

Chassis number SV107, this car is believed to be the earliest surviving example, numbering having commenced at SV101.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output10hp @ 4,000rpm
Maximum speed52mph/83.69kph
Price new£100
ManufacturerMorris Motors Ltd


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