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Norton 30M Manx

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The Manx Norton is one of the most famous racing motorcycles of the post-war years. Norton had been very successful with single-cylinder racing bikes in the 1930s, and in the late 1940s those machines were developed into the Model 40 (350cc) and Model 30 (500cc) Manx. The new ‘featherbed’ frame was used for the works team in 1950 and was made available to customers from 1951. Limited numbers of ‘production’ bikes were built each year and sold only to chosen customers.

Many famous riders rode Manx Nortons. Mike Hailwood scored a notable victory on a privately entered Manx in the 1961 Senior TT. Parent company AMC withdrew from racing bike production that year.

ValvesOverhead camshaft
Output44bhp at 6,500rpm
Maximum speed140mph/225.3kph
Performance0-60mph 9 seconds (dependent on tuning)
Price new£496
ManufacturerNorton Motors Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Owner


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