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Reliant 6cwt Van

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The three-wheeled Reliant 8cwt van went on sale in early 1938. These simple light delivery vehicles with motorcycle style girder front forks were at first powered by Austin Seven engines but these were soon superseded by Reliant’s own updated version of the same unit. The 8cwt continued to be built after the Second World War, although the quoted payload was reduced to 6cwt in 1950. Reliant girder fork vans continued in production until 1956.

Reliant was established in 1935 by Tom Lawrence Williams, previously the designer of the Raleigh Safety Seven three-wheeler. When Raleigh stopped making cars, Williams acquired the rights and set up a new company to make three-wheeled vans. The new vehicles incorporated parts marked with the letter R left over from Raleigh days. The Reliant name was selected simply because it also began with R.

Output14hp @ 3,500rpm
Price new£250
ManufacturerReliant Engineering Co.
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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