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Royal Enfield Crusader

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The Crusader was the first Royal Enfield motorcycle to feature unit construction. In this configuration the engine and gearbox share the same casing. Traditionally the engine and gearbox were in separate casings, connected by chain drive. Unusually for a British motorcycle the valve gear is on the left of the engine. This bike is sectioned and was used by Durham Constabulary as a training aid at their driving school.

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest names in the motorcycle industry, with origins manufacturing sewing needles and machine parts in the 1840s. The company started making bicycles in the 1880s and adopted the Royal Enfield brand name after it produced rifle parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield. Royal Enfield stayed independent until the late 1960s when the remains were split between Norton-Villiers and Velocette.

Output14bhp at 5,750rpm
Price new£170
ManufacturerThe Enfield Cycle Co. Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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