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Triumph Herald Saloon

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A 1945 merger had created Standard-Triumph. The Herald almost caused its downfall, leading to the Leyland takeover in 1961.

Launched in 1959 and powered by the familiar Standard Ten and Pennant engine, the Triumph Herald boasted independent rear suspension, steering lock of a London taxi and attractive body styling by Italian Michelotti. Initially hailed as a car with very good handling, it became apparent that the Herald was vulnerable to oversteer, lateral roll and was underpowered. The radical multi-piece body construction, designed to ease the cost of accident repair, caused production difficulties, serious quality problems and ironically made the car expensive.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output38.5hp @ 4,500rpm
Maximum speed71mph/114.26kph
Price new£702
ManufacturerThe Standard Motor Co. Ltd


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