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TVR Vixen S3

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In 1946 Trevor Wilkinson established Trevcar Motors in an old wheelwright's shop in Blackpool. The first TVR appeared in 1949, after renaming to TVR Engineering. By 1957 complete cars were supplied to America, most home sales being in component form.

Designed for Ford power units, the glass-fibre bodied Vixen was introduced in 1967 and the longer wheelbase Vixen S2 followed a year later. Powered by a Ford Capri GT engine with four-speed gearbox, the S3 was produced from October 1970 to April 1972.

Recently rebuilt by the present owner, this Vixen S3 is one of a production run of only 168 cars.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output86hp @ 5,500rpm
Maximum speed114mph/183.47kph
Price new£1,245 (in component form)
ManufacturerTVR Engineering Ltd


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