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Bedford Cadbury Crème Egg

On Display

Cadbury Schweppes plc commissioned a number of these Creme Egg cars in the late-1980s. Based at the Cadbury World visitor centre at Bournville in Birmingham, they could also be seen at many events around the country, from New Year to the lead up to Easter.

Using a Bedford Rascal van chassis, they were each fitted with a fibreglass body and a single gull-wing door for access. The headlights were of Citroen 2CV origin, the windscreen wipers from commercial vehicles, and the wide split screens gave a nice panoramic view. The curvature of the bodywork meant that the drivers’ foot pedals required realigning, making the cars very difficult to drive.

Such was the popularity of the Cadbury Creme Egg cars, that in 1993 die-cast toy maker, Corgi, produced a miniature version exclusively for Cadbury, and sold at Cadbury World.



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