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Crossley Burney Streamline

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Crossley Motors built this variant on the Burney Streamline, a most unorthodox rear-engined saloon car. Sir Dennis Burney, designer of the airship R100 was responsible for the concept behind it.

The interesting features were regarded as ingenious. It had all round independent suspension, and aerodynamic coachwork. The excessive overhang of the rear engine however, caused a few handling problems. Subsequently they were not a success.

Of the 25 originally built, only three examples are known to have survived. This vehicle has, to date, never been properly restored, although it was cosmetically repaired for the BBC children’s drama “Box of Delights”.

Cylinders6 In-Line
Output60bhp @ 4,200rpm
Maximum speed80mph/128.74kph
Price new£750
ManufacturerCrossley Motors Ltd


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