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Ford Anglia Super 1200

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Launched at the 1959 London Motor Show, where it was overshadowed by the BMC Mini and the Triumph Herald, Ford’s new Anglia model went on to be a huge sales success. Over a million of the small front engine, rear-wheel drive cars were sold before being replaced by the Escort in1968. The more powerful 123E Anglia Super was introduced in 1962, using the 1,198cc engine and all synchromesh gearbox from the new Ford Cortina. Anglia production moved from Dagenham to a new factory at Halewood on Merseyside a year later.

Although not as technically advanced as some of its rivals, the Anglia set the pattern for Ford’s products for many years after. Its four-speed transmission and high gearing was well suited to driving conditions on the new generation of motorways that were being opened in Britain during the 1960s.

Cylinders4 cylinder
Valvesoverhead valve
Output49bhp at 4,800rpm
Performance0-60mph 21.6 seconds
Price new£604
ManufacturerFord Motor Co. Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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