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List of Vehicles - The National Motor Museum Trust


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High Days & Holidays

Mods and Rockers

See our collection of Sixties gear at our High Days & Holidays exhibition

In Sixties Britain, for some young people, your own two wheels were so more than a means of transport. They told the world exactly who you were.

Rockers rode British bikes like Triumph's and Nortons. Reflecting the style of their rock idols, they liked leather clothing, with studs for protection. In contrast, Mods favoured sharp Italian Tailoring, covered by a parka jacket when the weather got the British. 

The differences didn't stop with fashion. Many sixties Rockers hated drugs - another reason to despise the pill popping Mods (whose music sounded off about getting 'high'). There was no better time to prove your loyaties than on a Bank Holiday 'run' down to a coastal resort. That's why we've called our exhibition 'High Days and Holidays'. 


Mod or Rocker?

Try our cult quiz 

Are you in tune with the 1960's Rockers? Or are Mod scooters more your scene? There's no need to head to Clacton for a rumble to prove your loyalties. Just ride (or scoot) through Sixties subculture with our picture quiz.

Jigsaw Bikes

 Sort the scoots from the British brutes with this slider puzzle

Tom's 'Ton up' Timeline

Don't call me Greaser! 

The Sixties 'Rocker' cult grew from the 'Ton Up Boys' of the 1950s - so called because their bikes could reach (indicated) speeds of more than 100 mph. Beaulieu bike expert Tom Walker takes us through the machines that built the myths. Just don't call him a greaser, okay?


Two wheels good...

Our collection of TT racers

The fastest bike in Beaulieu

Tiger Tails and the ESSO gas man   

Our Staff

Our Staff 

Our Staff

Camping and Caravanning

A 1933 Standard Little 12 saloon motor car on a caravan tour.

From a caravan weekend at the seaside to tenting at a festival, camping and caravanning are a popular holiday choice. In the late 19th century, these pursuits were often deemed as a curiosity, but as the motor car became more widely available they boomed in popularity. 

Today, as more Britons are choosing to holiday at home, campsites are welcoming bumper bookings, making camping and caravanning as popular as ever.

Motor Sport

Mankind has always been fascinated by speed, constantly looking for a new way to go faster. Motor sport has always pushed the speed boundaries of the motor car, making it a popular spectator sport and family day out.

A folded card covered in red textile belonging to a Club member in 1956.

An example of a Caravan Club membership card, 1956.

If you think you may like to lend or donate an item to the collection then please check out our FAQ’s before getting in touch.

Caravan Club members competing in the reversing test at a British Caravan Road Rally event. Early 1960s.

These popular events were held annually from 1954 until 1977, and designed to showcase the roadworthiness of a competitor’s car and caravan outfit. Challenges set over the course of a weekend included timed tests, night driving, navigation and manoeuvres.

If you have any Road Rally memorabilia which you may wish to donate, or you were a Rally organiser, competitor, marshal or spectator who would consider recording your memories in an oral history interview, then we would like to hear from you.

For further information, please contact The Caravan Club Collection Officer, Angela Cox on 01590 614762 or email

The Caravan Club Collection holds a great variety of items relating to our history, including our founding fathers. We collect objects, ephemera, photographs, sound recordings, film and video relating to The Club both past and present.

However, we do not collect material relating to general caravan history or manufacture such as trade brochures and caravan equipment (unless there is a proven link to The Club). In addition, we are regretfully unable to collect caravans themselves.

To see some of the most recent additions to the collection, pay a visit to The Caravan Club’s website.

To find out how to donate an item visit the donation page.

A War Office Inspection of a Winchester Caravan converted into a Red Cross First Aid Post during the Second World War, 1939.

The Club is currently gathering material on the theme of ‘Caravanning in World War Two’.

During the conflict of the Second World War, strict petrol rationing reduced the ability for caravan touring holidays. Meanwhile, many families used their caravans to escape German bombing while others who had lost their homes used caravans for shelter.

We are looking for photographs, ephemera, information and personal memories on the use of the caravan in Britain during the conflict of the Second World War.

For further information, please contact The Caravan Club Collection Officer, Angela Cox on 01590 614762 or email


A man with a hat boating on a lake with a car and caravan parked on land in the background.

Ralph Lee MBE boating alongside his Cheltenham caravan. This photograph and several similar were taken for the promotional brochure of Cheltenham Caravans, 1953.

There are several ways to visit The Caravan Club Collection. To see the collection on display at The National Motor Museum, check out our current exhibitions and events.  

We also welcome professional and amateur researchers to visit parts of the collection which are not on public display. To book an appointment please get in touch. 

You can view some of the fascinating material from our collection at The Caravan Club Website’s online gallery. Visit The Club's site to find out more.

The Caravan Club Collection is featured in a variety of exhibitions and events throughout the year. This page shows you the ways in which you can currently see the collection.

A variety of Club material is currently on display in The National Motor Museum’s ‘High Days and Holidays’ exhibition. Visit the High Days and Holidays area of the website to find out more.

Caravan Club Display at The National Motor Museum

The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu now features a dedicated caravanning area which includes the miniature Royal Caravan, originally presented to Prince Charles and Princess Anne by The Caravan Club in 1955.

The newly-displayed area includes a 1926 Eccles caravan and a 1964 Commer Auto-Sleeper motor caravan, along with a selection of memorabilia from The Caravan Club Collection.

A birds eye view of caravans and information panels at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

The Club's 'Centenary Experience' stand at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show, February 2007.

2007 was a momentous and special year for The Caravan Club who, along with Brooklands, The Isle of Man TT and The Scouting Movement, celebrated its centenary.

The Caravan Club Collection, hosted by the National Motor Museum Trust, was involved in a number of exciting projects throughout the year, enabling the public to see material from the collection for the very first time.

The year kicked off with The Club’s popular ‘Centenary Experience’ stand making its first appearance at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. The stand featured the world’s first leisure touring caravan ‘The Wanderer’ and the miniature ‘Royal Caravan’ presented to Prince Charles and Princess Anne as children in 1955. These caravans were complemented with panels and showcases featuring a variety of material from The Club’s Collection.

The ‘Centenary Experience’ was equally popular on its second outing at the International Caravan and Motor Home Show, held at the same venue in October.

In March, the National Motor Museum Trust’s touring exhibition ‘High Days and Holidays’ began its trip around the country to its numerous host venues. Material from The Caravan Club Collection has complemented the caravanning theme which has been explored by the exhibition.

During the summer holidays the celebrations were brought to Beaulieu with a successful and fun-packed programme of drop-in family workshop activities. We were lucky enough for Vice-President of The Caravan Club, Michael Drayton, to pop by and pitch up for two days with his Classic Carlight Caravan and Bentley Outfit.

The ‘Royal Caravan’ also made a special appearance in the National Motor Museum during the summer along with a display on the history of The Club.

The Coach Builders' and Wheelwrights' Art Journal 1901 

First published in 1880 as The Coach Builders’, Harness Makers’ and Saddlers’ Art Journal this periodical underwent a number of title changes to reflect the growing interest in the motor car. By 1901 it was featuring illustrations of motor vehicles alongside those of the more traditional horse-drawn carriage such as the two colour plates shown here of a Gentleman’s Driving Phaeton and a Panhard Phaeton Motor Car.   


Gentleman's Driving Phaeton

Panhard Phaeton Motor Car

Selling the dream 

1959 Cadillac Sales Brochure Front Cover


Explore Photographs In Detail

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Books are fitted with protective library covers.

Brochures are fitted with clear Melinex pockets for protection

Items are being transferred into acid-free storage boxes.

The National Motor Museum and Collections Centre

The National Motor Museum and its Collection Center are located in the Beaulieu attractions complex, one of the South of England’s top day visitor attractions set in the heart of the New Forest.

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Audi Quattro A2 Rally Car

On Display

Audi were one of the first manufacturers in recent years to make a successful four wheel drive car. This was developed into a phenomenally potent rally car, of which this is one of the last to be built.

This car had great success in rallies in the Far East, driven by Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola and John Bosch, including wins in the Hong Kong to Beijing Rally in 1985 and 1986.

Maximum speed150mph/241.40kph
Price newNot marketed in this form
ManufacturerAudi Union Gmbh


The National Motor Museum Trust is grateful to H&H Auctions who kindly supported this purchase, enabling the album to be saved for the nation.













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