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BSA A10 Super Rocket

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Closely associated with1960s ‘ton-up’ boys youth culture, Café Racers were road bikes customised to look like the racing motorcycles of the period. This BSA A10 Super Rocket is a good example, having been extensively modified. Even more drastic conversions occurred when the engine from one manufacturer was combined with the frame from another. Combinations included Triumph engines in Norton frames (Triton) and Triumph engines in BSA frames (Tribsa).

BSA introduced the popular 650cc A10 model in 1950. The A10 went through a series of upgrades up to 1963. Beside the standard Golden Flash model there was a succession of sports versions such as the Road Rocket, Super Rocket and Rocket Gold Star.

Cylinders2 cylinder
Valvesoverhead valve
Output43bhp at 6,250rpm
Performance108mph (standard bike)
Price new£280 (standard bike)
ManufacturerBSA Motor Cycles Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Owner


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