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Dellow MkII

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This Dellow was used by the late Peter LeCouteur with great success for many years in trials events. It was a regular performer in classic trials such as the Exeter, Edinburgh and Land’s End. The car was modified by the owner; a different cylinder head, modified camshaft and supercharging giving the engine a power output of over 80bhp, much higher than quoted by the manufacturer for the standard1172cc Ford engine.

The origins of Dellow date back to 1949 when Ken Dellingpole and Ron Lowe started series production of a small sporting car that was ideal for trials but also well suited to regular use on the road. The MKII, with coil spring rear suspension, appeared in 1951. Dellows were used in rallies and races as well as in many hundreds of trials events. Around 500 Dellows were built, with over half being exported.

Output44bhp @ 4,500rpm
Maximum speed70mph
Performance0-50mph in 12.6 seconds
Price new£636
Manufacturerdellow motors ltd
OwnerNMMT (bequest of Dr Peter LeCouteur)
Loaned by0


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