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Cadillac Seville (Elvis)

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This 1977 model Cadillac was the last car purchased by Rock ’n’’ Roll legend Elvis Presley, who acquired it in December 1976. He drove it the day before he died in August 1977. Presley loved Cadillacs, owning more than one hundred over the years.

Cadillac’s reputation was based on building large, luxury motor cars and ownership was considered to be something of a status symbol. The Seville was introduced in 1975 and marked a change in direction for the company. The compact car was powered by a small, by US standards, 5.7 litre (350 cubic inch) fuel injected V8 engine. The Seville rode and handled far more like its European rivals.

Output180bhp @ 4,400rpm
Maximum speed115mph
Price new£13,718
ManufacturerCadillac Automobile Co.
OwnerPrivate owner


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