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Ford GT40

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The GT40 is one of the most famous racing cars ever, the last of a long line of road-legal, sports racing cars. Ford dominated endurance racing in the late 1960s, winning the Le Mans 24 Hour race four times between 1966 and 1969. This car, chassis 1071, was used on the road and in club racing by its first owner Piers Forrester. It was the subject of a road test comparison article with the Jaguar C-Type in Motor magazine during 1971.

One of a number of Ford motorsport projects during the 1960s, the GT40 (so called because of the 40 inch roof height) was an international project involving Ford’s US and UK operations. It was developed from the Ford powered Lola GT sports car. Just over 100 GT40s of all types and engine sizes were built.

CountryAmerican / British
ValvesOverhead valve
Output350bhp at 7,200rpm (dependent on engine capacity and tune)
Maximum speed160mph
Performance0-60mph 5.3 seconds (200mph in full race spec.)
Price new£7,000 (approximate)
ManufacturerFord Advanced Vehicles
Loaned byPrivate Collection


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