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Enfield 8000 ‘Flux Capacitor’

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The brainchild of motoring journalist and TV presenter Jonny Smith, the Flux Capacitor is the World’s quickest street-legal electric vehicle. Based on a 1970s Enfield 8000 Electric City Car, it has recorded a 0 - 121mph time of just 9.86 seconds, with a top speed in the region of 140mph. The twin electric racing motors are powered by 188 lithium-ion pouch cells, originally used to power the starter and mini guns on a Bell Super Cobra military helicopter.

The Enfield 8000 was developed following the mid 1970s oil crisis. 106 were built, many used by the Electricity Council as research vehicles. In standard form performance was a little less exciting with a top speed of 40mph and a 0-30mph time of 12.5 seconds. Maximum range was around 50 miles. At the time it was the World’s most aerodynamic car with a drag coefficient of 0.275.

CountryGreat Britain
OutputTwin series-mounted 9 inch DC current racing motors giving 800hp+
Maximum speed140mph (estimated)
Performance0-60mph under 3 seconds
Price new£2,208
ManufacturerEnfield Automotive Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Collection


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