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Austin A90 Atlantic

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Austin aimed this sports saloon directly at the American market at a time when British industry was under pressure to increase exports. The Atlantic featured American styling, steering column gear change and a power operated roof on the convertible version.

Like other manufacturers, Austin spent the war years making armaments. In the late 1940s the British Government placed a huge emphasis on overseas sales. Companies were instructed to ’Export or die’ and those that did not perform well were denied supplies of steel. Austin was a leading exporter and introduced the A90 Atlantic in 1949, initially in convertible form, for the American market. The small and relatively expensive car did not sell well in the USA and production ended in 1952 with just under 8,000 having been built. The engine went on to be used in Austin-Healey sports cars.

Output88hp @ 4,000rpm
Performance85mph, 0-60mph 17.6 seconds
Price new£1431
ManufacturerAustin Motor Co. Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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