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Datsun Type 14 Saloon

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The Nissan Motor Co. was christened in 1934. An ancestral company had produced the DAT car by 1914 and in 1931 the Datson (son of DAT) was launched. The following year, the name was changed to Datsun, reflecting the national rising sun symbol.

The Type 14 was the first mass produced vehicle in Japan, with a radiator grille inspired by the Ford Model Y and wing design influenced by General Motors.

This car was imported by Sir Herbert Austin in 1935, to study for possible patent infringement. Austin took no action and it was relegated to storage, never registered for the road. We are very grateful to Nissan Europe for providing purchase funds.

CylindersIn-line 4
ValvesSide, L-head
Output15hp @ 3,600rpm
Maximum speed51mph/82.08kph
Price new£114 (in Japan, not
ManufacturerNissan Motor Co. Ltd


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