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Become a Volunteer

Volunteer working with photographic collection

There are opportunities to work with National Motor Museum staff on a voluntary basis in many of our collections.

Whether your particular interests are in motoring costume, artwork, motorsport, social history or motor engineering, you will find something which appeals. Both research and hands-on skills are needed to help our staff develop the collections.

You needn't be an expert in motoring history to become a member of our team, just have an enthusiastic and flexible approach. The amount of time each volunteer gives us varies from one to several days per week. Training is provided and many benefits are offered.

We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers. Please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Helen Keisel, for more information or use the online form if you are interested in joining us.

We currently have volunteering opportunities with the following collections: 

Volunteer working in the Museum

  • Motoring Reference Library

    The motoring reference library is renowned for the breadth and quality of the information it holds. Volunteers catalogue and sort all new and existing books, journals, programmes and sales material as well as storing this information onto our database. They are also involved in the preservation of the Collection.

  • Photographic Collection

    Our dedicated team of volunteers assist with many tasks relating to the documentation, digitisation, repacking and the storage of our photographic materials as part of the ongoing preservation of the Photographic Collection.

  • Motoring Object Collection

    The work involved with our vast Object Collection varies from storage re-allocation to research and computerised documentation. Volunteers can involve themselves in a variety of projects including preservation/collection care, exhibition preparation and photography.

  • Film and Video Library

    Motoring history is brought to life in the Film and Video Library which collects both historic and moving images. Volunteers view films to record the vehicles, events and personalities depicted. They also assist with the restructuring of film and video storage as well as recording information concerning film content.

Volunteer Christmas Lunch 2015

  • The Caravan Club Collection

    The Collection contains a variety of material, objects, photographs and ephemera relating to the history of The Caravan Club. Volunteers work to preserve these items through cataloguing, digitisation and other collections-based tasks. Some knowledge of computers is desirable.

  • Shell Heritage Art Collection

    The Volunteers help with cataloguing the large number of posters within the Shell Heritage Art Collection. This vast collection of 7,000 posters and paintings requires accurate documentation of information and data entry. Assistance is also required with preparation for exhibitions and research of the artists involved.


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