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Film and Video Library Montage 

This video clip montage gives a brief overview of the breadth of the Film and Video Library at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

The First Roadside Petrol Station 1920 

Roadside petrol pumps were first installed in Britain in 1913, though they did not enter into general use until 1921. In 1920 the Automobile Association opened the first roadside petrol station (solely for the purpose of supplying fuel as opposed to being a garage) at Aldermaston, Berkshire. A number of similar stations were established around the country. They were operated by AA Patrolmen and exclusively for the use of AA members. They established the modern pattern of vehicles pulling off the public road and drawing up alongside petrol pumps rather than being filled at the kerbside as at garages.

Rhythm of the Road. A Fordfilm Interlude. 

A short black and white musical promotional film featuring Ford V8s speeding along British countryside and lanes. The song was originally performed at the Ford Show in the Albert Hall, October 1936 by King Palmers V8 Shadow Symphony Orchestra, sung by Gordon Little.


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