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First £100 Car

1931 Morris Minor SV 2 Seater.

1931 Morris Minor SV 2 Seater.

A great battle developed around 1930 to produce the first hundred pound car. Morris won the race, with the Morris Minor in 1931. To meet the magic hundred pound target, the car was very basic. Sold without bumpers or chrome fittings, this open two-seater had a three-lamp lighting set. Offering an economical 50mpg, the Minor was Morris's challenge to the Austin 7. In 1935, Ford cut the price of its Model Y saloon (the first all-British Ford) to one hundred pounds, making it the first full sized saloon to be sold at that price in the UK.

The £100 Ford and the £100 Morris are both represented in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.


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