Highlights from the Reference Library

Russian Motor Vehicles - The Czarist Period 1784 to 1917 

Written by Maurice A. Kelly this book makes a welcome addition to the reference library as it features a subject which has received little coverage in automotive history.

The Coach Builders’ and Wheelwrights' Art Journal 1901 

Plate 1113 Gentleman's Driving Phaeton.

First published in 1880 as The Coach Builders’, Harness Makers’ and Saddlers’ Art Journal, this periodical underwent a number of title changes to reflect the growing interest in the motor car.

Hooper & Co Swatch Book 

Discover more about this swatch book produced by Hooper & Co. in the 1930s, which illustrates the styles of car bodies available and also provides samples of  various leathers and fabrics for the interior.


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