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How the Collections Develop

The Collections at the National Motor Museum have been amassed over a period of some 50 years, and cover all aspects of motoring. In common with other museums, we have a Collections Development Policy which defines our areas of interest and helps guide our decisions about what we acquire.

Developing a collection isn’t just about increasing the quantity of items you have, it also means improving quality and representing the subject matter in the best way. We regularly undertake audits of our Collections to ensure items remain in good condition and also to check for any gaps. For instance, a new exhibition may tell a story we cannot illustrate well from our existing Collections, and so a gap in collecting is identified. At this stage we undertake research and make decisions about what we need to collect, then set about trying to find it. Depending on the item we are looking for, we would either acquire an example to help develop the Collection, or perhaps borrow it from another museum or a collector. The latter would be called a loan, and would be for a fixed period.

Many of the wonderful items we have in the Collections have been kindly donated. Please browse the Collections area of this website to see the sort of things the Museum collects. From photographs and books to radiator mascots and of course vehicles, all help to tell the story of motoring.


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