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Ford Anglia E494A

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The E494A replaced the pre war Anglia E04A, in late 1948. To some eyes the new Anglia looked even more dated than its predecessor, closely resembling the 8hp Model 7Y of 1937. Despite this, the new car was well equipped by the standards of the day and was the cheapest car on the UK market. An export version was fitted with a larger 1,172cc engine.

By the end of the 1940s Ford’s range was looking distinctly out of date. At the 1949 Motor Show, Morris launched its new Minor with independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering and hydraulic brakes; everything the Anglia didn’t have. Despite this, the Ford sold well with 108,000 being produced between 1948 and 1953. The export version of the Anglia was renamed the 103E Popular in 1953 and was built for the UK market until 1959.

CylindersIn-line 4
ValvesSide, L-head
Output23hp @ 4,000rpm
Price new£310
ManufacturerFord Motor Co. Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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