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Lambretta Model B

On Display

Motor scooters became popular as an economic form of personal transport from the late 1940s onwards. Italian manufacturers led the way; Piaggio with the Vespa in 1945 followed closely by Innocenti with the Lambretta in 1947. This example was one of the first two Lambrettas to be imported into Britain in 1948.

Simple motor scooters first appeared in the 1890s, whilst several makers tried to market designs in the years immediately after World War One. Scooters were also used as troop transport by armed forces on both sides during World War Two. In the post-war years the scooter market was dominated by the Italian Vespa and Lambretta, many of which were built under licence in other countries. Many established motorcycle manufacturers produced their own scooter designs to compete with these popular machines, usually with limited success.

Output4.3bhp at 4,200rpm
Price new£149
ManufacturerInnocenti Spa
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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