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Mobile Pup

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One of a number of motor scooters that were available for a short period after World War One. Like several other designs of the period, the Mobile Pup is front wheel drive. It features a folding steering column for ease of storage. Early versions were marketed as a stand-up scooter without the seat.

The end of the war in 1918 left many manufacturers, who had been reliant on war work, with little to do. To diversify, several started to manufacture motor scooters. Most were poorly designed and sales were low. The scooter craze was over by the mid 1920s but they would become popular again in the 1950s.

Valvesoverhead valve
Maximum speed20mph/32.17kph
Price new£31
ManufacturerStafford Auto-Scooters Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Collection


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