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Riley Falcon

Not on Display

Riley launched its new 1½ litre model at the end of 1934. It was available as the Lynx tourer, Sprite sports car or as six different saloons. The popular Falcon saloon seen here, offered a comfortable and roomy interior in a fashionable ‘aero-line’ style body. The Falcon body was also available on the 1,726cc six-cylinder 15/6. This car is fitted with a pre-select (self-changing) gearbox controlled from the steering column.

One of the oldest names in the industry, Riley established a reputation as a manufacturer of quality cars and also had great success in motor sport. The company was very profitable up until the mid 1930s, but two years of financial losses forced it into receivership in early 1938. Lord Nuffield acquired Riley later that year, saving the famous name and running it alongside Morris, MG and Wolseley within the Nuffield Group.

CylindersIn-line 4
OutputNot known
Price new£335
ManufacturerRiley (Coventry) Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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