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Crossley Burney Streamline

Not on Display

Few British cars of the 1930s were as futuristic as the Crossley Streamline. Advanced features included the aerodynamic bodywork, rear engine and independent front and rear suspension. Transmission was by Wilson pre-select gearbox. The Streamline had the radiator mounted at the front, requiring a powerful pump and lengthy pipe run to connect it with the engine thirteen feet away.

Crossley built the Streamline under licence from Sir Denistoun Burney, designer of the R100 airship. Burney had established Streamline Cars Ltd in Maidenhead during 1930 and built twelve prototypes of his advanced rear engine car. Streamlining was very much in fashion at the time and these cars attracted great interest. Unfortunately the Crossley version of the Streamline was short-lived, being expensive to build and needing further development work. Just twenty five were built, the car on display being one of only three known survivors.

Cylinders6 In-Line
Output60bhp @ 4,200rpm
Performance0-60mph 29 seconds
Price new£750
ManufacturerCrossley Motors Ltd
OwnerMontagu Collection


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