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Morris Minor Traveller

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The Morris Minor was one of Britain’s best loved cars and remains a common sight on our roads even in the 21st century. The estate, or Traveller, version arrived in 1953, as part of the restyled Series II range with the A-series engine, which had been introduced the previous year. From 1956 the Minor received a larger 948cc engine and was rebranded the Minor 1000. A further upgrade came with a 1,098cc engine in 1962.

The Minor was the first British car to exceed a million sales, a figure that was reached in 1961. A total of 1,619,815 of all types were produced between 1948 and 1971. The Traveller remained popular until the end of Minor production, the last one being built in April 1971, five months after the last saloon. Minor van production continued into 1972.

Output48bhp at 5,100rpm
Performance0-50mph 15.5 seconds
Price new£793
ManufacturerAustin-Morris Division, British Leyland Motor Corporation
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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