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Previous Exhibitions

Bond in Motion 

Car chase from the James Bond film 'Die Another Day'

The BOND IN MOTION exhibition opened in January 2012 and was a collaboration between Eon Productions and Beaulieu, featuring fifty vehicles to celebrate fifty years of 007 movies.

Feats of Endurance 

Camel Trophy Land Rover

'Feats of Endurance' opened in January 2011 and featured vehicles that have stretched the boundaries of motoring endurance - both in extreme conditions and on challenging terrain.

High Days and Holidays 

Man and woman viewing the High Days and Holidays exhibition

The High Days and Holidays exhibition explored the impact of the motor vehicle on British leisure time. From chauffeurs and charabancs to carnival and caravans, High Days and Holidays showcased objects, archives, books and photographs from the museum’s collections, along with items loaned by many partners.


PromMotion exhibition poster

For 2010, the National Motor Museum exhibited 'ProMotion', an exhibition of vehicles that illustrated the imaginative and fun techniques companies have used to promote their products over the years. Among the vehicles that were on display were a Worthington Bottle delivery truck, a Birds Eye Pea and the iconic Cadbury Crème Egg car.

Jaguar Jamboree 

Jaguar Jamboree exhibition poster

For 2009, the National Motor Museum exhibited, ‘Jaguar Jamboree’, which showcased the iconic Jaguar marque, with a selection of models from its illustrious past. Vechicles that defined Jaguar as a car of style, elegance and sophistication, were exhibited, as well as memorabilia, accessories and film clips.

Autoglym The Art of Custom 

Vehicles on display at the Art of Custom exhibition

For 2008, the National Motor Museum exhibited some of the most well-known and influential customised cars and bikes that this country and the USA have produced since World War II. The Art of Custom celebrated the outstanding craftsmanship and mechanical skill involved in creating these unique automotive masterpieces. In June 2008, a pilot custom car drive-in event was held in the grounds of Beaulieu and attracted over 250 vehicles.

Autoglym Supercars 

Vehicles on display at the Supercars exhibiton

In 2007, the National Motor Museum showcased some of the most exotic and exciting super cars and bikes produced during the preceding twenty years. Ranging from the Light Car Company Rocket to the awesome Lamborghini Countach, the star of the show was undoubtedly the Bugatti Veyron, which the Museum was fortunate enough to secure on loan from Volkswagen for six months.


Vehicles on display at the Citroen exhibition

For 2006, the National Motor Museum collaborated with Citroën's own historic collection housed at the Conservatoire in Paris to display just some of the vehicles from the illustrious past of a company first established in 1919.

Weird Cars 

Vehicles on display at the Weird Cars exhibition

In 2005, the National Motor Museum played host to some of the most bizarre vehicles ever proposed for serious production. Supported by a collection of equally strange and unusual objects, the exhibition was a celebration of motoring things weird and wonderful.

Mini 45

Group of Mini's on display at the exhibiton

In 2004, the National Motor Museum celebrated 45 years of the Mini. This exhibition looked at significant events and periods in design from 1959, the year the Mini was put into production, and included footage from the Museum's Film & Video department.


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