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Recent Additions 

A pre-World War II Caravan Site sign recently obtained by The Club.

The Caravan Club aims to develop a Collection that represents Club history as fully as possible. Thanks to generous donations from members of public The Caravan Club Collection is a continually growing resource.

Recent additions include:

What Does The Caravan Club Collect? 

A folded card covered in red textile belonging to a Club member in 1956.

A Caravan Club membership card, 1956. Kindly donated by a long-term member.

The Caravan Club collects a variety of objects, ephemera, photographs, sound recordings and film which relates to its history and founding fathers.

However, it does not collect material relating to general caravan history or manufacture such as trade brochures and caravan equipment (unless there is a proven link to The Club).

The Caravan Club is regretfully unable to collect caravans.


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