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Murray on Monaco - December 2015 

The Friends evening with Murray Walker was a complete sell out, with 200 people packed into the National Motor Museum Trust’s Theatre. All were enthralled by Murray’s recall of people and events from the world of Formula 1 and Monaco in particular.

During his talk he suggested several ‘Best Drivers of all Time’ starting with Tazio Nuvolari, who he first saw when he was 14 at the Donnington Grand Prix in 1938. Other favourites included Fangio, Senna and Shumacher but I sensed that, in Murray’s opinion, Jackie Stewart wore the crown.

We heard many anecdotes about the Monaco circuit, Murray delighted in having his hotel room in a ‘cheap’ hotel next door to the Hotel Metropole where the people on his next door balcony were paying 10 times more than him! In the early years his commentary box was no more than a single TV screen in the open air at the side of the track, which he watched from a deckchair come rain or shine. He talked about his years when he shared the commentary with James Hunt. Not an easy relationship by all accounts and, to prevent them talking over each other, they had to share a single microphone.

After the interval Murray took questions from the when he showed his encyclopaedic powers of recall of events, dates, driver’s and cars from the world of motoring and motor cycling.

Lord Montagu closed the evening with his vote of thanks, praising Murray Walker for his excellent presentation and pronouncing him a Living Legend in the world of sport and broadcasting.

Review by David Marklew, NMMT member

The First 100 Machines with Chris Barrie - January 2015 

Chris Barrie in the Motorcycle Story gallery

Chris Barrie in the Motorcycle Story gallery

Most of us know Chris Barrie as Mr Brittas or Rimmer from Red Dwarf, but how many knew of his love of motor vehicles, from motorcycles to trucks which turn into bridges and charabancs (literally meaning a carriage with benches) to tanks? I for one didn't!

This evening was a photographic trip through some of the many vehicles Chris has come across during the filming of his TV series Massive Engines and a few he actually owns. Starting out with trip in a vintage Rolls-Royce and finishing off with a small armoured vehicle which he has recently acquired, and many others in between. We found ourselves thoroughly entertained throughout the evening with the stories he had to tell.

Review by Peter Brewer, NMMT member


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