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Film and Video Facilities

film and video edit suite

The Film and Video Library is served by an exceptionally well-equipped Film and Video Department. Apart from its two Steenbeck film viewing tables, it has two broadcast-standard telecines capable of transferring Super 8, 16mm & 35mm film to any format of video from domestic to professional, analogue or digital. Increasingly, material transferred on the telecine is recorded digitally on hard-drives, and this will continue to grow as the industry moves away from tape-based storage of video images. The Film and Video Department also has a High Definition Spirit telecine giving the ability to transfer film to full HD.

There is a wide variety of old video tape formats that have been used throughout the last 40 years, and the Department has devoted much time to acquiring the machines on which to run these tapes, allowing the migration of the programmes they contain onto current formats and ensuring their survival.

There are also two edit suites available on-site, thus ensuring a full production service is available. These, and the telecine facilities, are not just used by the Library at Beaulieu. The knowledge and expertise built up here over the years is widely recognised, and many companies, organisations and archives rely on the Film & Video Department at Beaulieu for efficient, cost-effective and quality-driven handling of their valuable archive material.


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