Loans Boxes

We have a selection of loans boxes available to borrow. They consist of original and replica handling items sourced from the National Motor Museum Collections. They provide an ideal opportunity to run reminiscence sessions, intergenerational work and school projects. They can be hired for a whole school term for a nominal fee.

The following boxes are available to borrow... 

Camping and Caravanning 

This box looks at camping and caravanning over the decades and particularly focuses on items from The Caravan Club Collection and the theme of eating outside. The box contains original camping artefacts, replica food, photographs, film and ephemera.

Travelling Games 

This box contains a range of replica and original car and travelling themed games from various decades. You'll have fun playing while you explore the motoring theme.

Days Out 

This vintage suitcase and loans box contains material relating to days out by car. Objects include original items such as maps, vintage swimming costumes and I Spy books as well as replica items from the Beaulieu Archives and Collections.


These two boxes contain carnival and fairground related items such as dressing up clothes, replica and original images and vehicle models. Learn about life as a travelling fairground worker and how vehicles are used for carnivals.


This box contains dressing up items, film, photographs and objects relating to motoring and weddings. There is also a selection of documents relating to William Sutton, who was a chauffer at the turn of the century sourced from Beaulieu's Motoring Archives.

Mods & Rockers 

These two boxes have dressing up clothes, models, objects, music and photographs relating to Mods and Rockers.


This box has a range of photographs from Beaulieu's Photographic Collection along with vintage cameras and other objects relating to the theme of motor tours abroad and in England.

Motor Sport & Land Speed Record Breakers 

This box contains models, dressing up clothes, photographs, motor sport items and original vintage mechanics' tools. The box holds replica Land Speed Record photograph albums from the Photographic Collection.

Lamps 1 & 2 

These boxes contain a range of original lamps from the dawn of motoring through to the 1950s.


This box contains original horns from various decades of motoring history.

Car Maintenance 

This box contains various items relating to the maintenance of cars over the decades, including ephemera, books and objects.

Stop, Look and Listen 

This box contains a variety of items and car accessories to demonstrate how cars and laws have been developed for safer driving.


This box contains, dressing up clothes, photographs, documents and original artefacts relating to early motoring in the Victorian era.

War Years 

These two boxes contain a range of replica and original artefacts, posters, documents and photographs relating to the war. One box focuses on ARP, blackouts and other voluntary services; while the other tells the story of rationing and life for children and families during the war.


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