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Match the Car to the Correct Caravan

Drag the cars to the caravans to see if you can match their ages.

This car and caravan would not have travelled very far as petrol was still rationed after World War II. Some people who had lost their home to bombing even lived in such a caravan.

This 1920s caravan would have been one of the first to be towed by a motor car. These caravans were the shape of boxes and looked like cottages on wheels.

Well done! In the 1950s more and more people owned motor cars like this. Caravaning became a very popular way to spend a holiday.


In the early 1970s caravanning had become really popular, but by the end of the decade fuel and tax had become very expensive. Lots of people found it difficult to afford caravan holidays.

This early caravan would have been towed by a horse. In 1900 motor cars were not very common and all caravans were pulled along by horses.

This 1930s car would have pulled a caravan at 30 miles an hour (48 kilometres an hour). The caravan would have been very stylish with a rounded shape.