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Amateur Competitor David Parr

Ken Gribbon and David Parr's outfit is the centre of attention for spectators at the 1969 Caravan Road Rally at Mallory Park

Having practically learned to drive on social caravan rallies, David Parr jumped at the chance of being a co-driver for the 1965 British Caravan Road Rally.

From the age of six Parr regularly went on caravan holidays and Caravan Club social rallies with his parents. Eventually he joined a local car club, using the family motor car to take part in driving tests and trials.

Between 1965 and 1968 his driving experience attracted him to Caravan Club member Ken Gribbon who asked David to become his co–driver in the Road Rally competitions. The pair had limited success due to Gribbon’s outfit of a Land Rover and Stirling caravan being extremely heavy. However, it proved the perfect combination to win the section for the slowest hill climb where many others burned out their clutch.

Parr’s new wife was supportive of his rallying ventures, and she even spent her first anniversary sat on the sofa in the back of the Land Rover as her husband navigated around the rally.

By the 1970s David had bought an Audi motor car with enough power to compete. He returned to the competition, this time as a driver. Initially using his own family caravan to compete, he was later was sponsored by Times caravans and was loaned a van for the event.

Parr also took part in many of the Caravan Road Rallies which had sprung up as an offshoot around local areas of The Caravan Club.


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